WATCH: Megyn Kelly Shouts with Joy After Racist Host is Fired

Megyn Kelly relished in rejoicing over MSNBC's choice to let Tiffany Cross go in her role as host. Cross was referred to by her as "the most racist person on television."

This past week, MSNBC abruptly severed ties with Cross, who had previously hosted a weekend television show on the network.

According to a source who spoke to Fox News, Cross was promptly fired by MSNBC management after her two-year contract expired due to her "repeated bad behavior on and off-air" and "bad judgment."

Cross had continued gaining the spotlight for provocative headlines that centered on racism and condemning everyone who was not aligned with her progressive agenda. These headlines kept bringing Cross to the forefront of the media's attention. In a separate article, Variety discussed how "frayed" the relationship had become between Cross and the executives of the network.

On Friday, Kelly returned to her SiriusXM radio show and exclaimed, "Joy, oh, joy! Tiffany Cross is gone!

“I tip my hat to MSNBC and NBC for doing the right thing, because she was — she was — the most racist person in television,” Kelly declared.

Kelly cited several examples of Cross's outlandish views, including:

  • “She was upset when Tua [Tagovailoa] got hurt, the concussion thing, which I was upset with, too. But she took it racial. She was like, ‘All these white owners making these black players—’ Tua’s not black, and the coach was not white.”
  • “She blasted Republican members of Congress as white supremacists a day after the Wisconsin jury acquitted [Kyle] Rittenhouse. Somehow, that made the Republican members of Congress white supremacists.”
  • “She called Rittenhouse a ‘little murderous white supremacist.'”
  • “She said we should all be concerned about white replacement, ‘It is, after all, a very threat to our survival here — white replacement can strangle culture.’ I thought we weren’t suppose to be talking about ‘replacement theories’? I thought that was racist.”

Needless to say that Megyn Kelly had a pretty good day! Take a look:

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