WATCH: Pelosi's Son Almost Killed A Homeless Man

Not long ago Paul Pelosi Jr. who is the son guessed it, Nancy Pelosi was accused of some heavy allegations by his ex-girlfriend, Karena Feng.

One of the most disturbing things we've learned so far from Feng, is that once when Pelosi hired a homeless man to help him, Pelosi almost killed the man and didn't show any sign of remorse.

The man's head was wedged under a stove and was being crushed and Pelosi didn't even attempt to help the man get out. Here is what Feng said about the incident.

So that way I can't cook for my kids or cook for anyone... when I can't cook I probably won't be able to live there, so he's thinking in a domino effect way to get me out of the property faster by ripping out my stove. But he couldn't do it himself, so he got a street person and offered him some cash and said "come in and help me with some work." He saw the cash and he came in and helped him rip the stove off. As the stove was ripped, it fell on that guy, so Paul was on the top and he was on the bottom pulling, and then Paul kind of slammed it over, it went over his head. That guy was crying, he said "the stove it's crushing my head it's gonna split my head!" Paul went "so what?" I then ran over there... and I said "Paul, stop! Get that stove off that poor man's head he's gonna die! Don't do that!" And he said, "so what?" Oh my God, how can you do that to someone? That is just how he is - if he wants to hurt somebody, he'll hurt somebody! He doesn't care! It's for his own convenience.

Of course, Pelosi denies that this happened. He actually denies everything Feng has accused him of. Who is lying? Pelosi or Feng? What does her body language say in the video?

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