WATCH: Seattle Hires Video Transgender Stripper to Perform at Conference Addressing Homelessness

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet of a transgender stripper by the name of Beyoncé Black St. James performing at an annual conference held in Seattle to work on solving homelessness.

It seems like they had other things to worry about besides homelessness though.

Christopher Rufo posted the video on Twitter saying, "Here’s how they’re using taxpayer money."

He continued with his tweets saying,

"As the video shows, the programming has nothing to do with helping people on the streets—it's about affirming a radical ideology that puts identity politics above solving real problems."

"For years, Seattle has claimed that it "needs more resources" to solve homelessness, but as the video shows, they find it totally appropriate to pay for a transgender stripper to grind on members of the region's homelessness nonprofits and taxpayer-funded organizations."

"It's not a lack of resources that prevents Seattle from solving homelessness; it's a lack of leadership. According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, King County spends more than $1 billion a year on homelessness programs—but have failed to deliver results for decades."

KIRO radio host Dori Monson said, “The theme of the conference was ‘Decolonizing our Collective Work.’ How does swinging fake breasts into someone’s face decolonize our collective work?… How do you think we are going to solve the homelessness problem when we have people like these folks in charge of things? How do you think the religiously-affiliated groups that were there, like Catholic Community Services, felt having a drag queen give lap dances at a meeting that should have been about helping those in need?”

Since the video emerged on the internet, the director of King County's coordinating agency for homelessness was suspended and put on paid leave, but then resigned just a couple days later.

If you play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

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