WATCH: Trinity College Tears Down Student’s American Flag While Proudly Displaying Gay Pride Flags on Campus

The radical leftwing sense of “all-inclusiveness” makes absolutely no sense. In an effort to supposedly promote equality and diversity, America’s “alternative push for cultural change” randomly attacks centuries-old American values.

Possibly the most visible symbol of American values is our flag. Men and women have died to defend this symbol of freedom. Patriotic Americans pledge their allegiance to this flag. It represents the core beliefs of our democracy.

But not to the radical left. Leftist ideology insists that this proud symbol of our nation represents racism and hatred. It doesn’t, but they’d like to force everyone to believe that it does. In doing so, the left will deny Americans the right to express pride in their nation’s flag.

However, it’s okay to fly a flag that represents a bizarre, marginally accepted lifestyle. Recently, one U.S. campus put this total hypocrisy on full display. Students at Trinity College in Connecticut hung flags outside their home. It’s their right.

Nevertheless, the liberal Dean of Students decided it wasn’t. The students had a pair of flags waving proudly. One flag was the “don’t tread on me” flag. The other was an American flag with a red, blue, and green line. A school administrator was instructed to remove the flags.

We’re still waiting for a viable reason. The students asked, “Who are you touching our flags? You have no right to do this.” Ah, but they did. See, these flags don’t fit into the radical diversity narrative these liberal campuses promote.
While the Dean of Students ordered these patriotic flags removed, gay pride flags are free to fly all across campus. A flag representing a marginal lifestyle is okay, but a flag representing our great nation is taboo.

The students knew this was a violation of their constitutional rights. That’s why they were videotaping the incident. The administrator ordered them to turn off their phones. We wonder why? If you’re doing something honest and legal, what’s the problem with recording it?

Continuing to record, the students exclaimed, “This is America. We have the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I don’t know why you’re taking my flags down.” There are some other surprising things allowed and not allowed at Trinity College.

Students can fly gay pride flags whenever and wherever they want. Furthermore, the school offers a sponsored event called, “LGBTQ+ Foundations and Allyship.” It’s a course where students can learn about sex, gender, sexuality, gender identity, and expression.”

The latter seems like a rather hypocritical part of the course description. It’s okay to express one’s feelings about a bizarre lifestyle, but it’s not okay to express appreciation for your country, the police force and firefighters who protect that country, or the military heroes who defend it.

This is another blatant example of the left’s blatant double standards. It’s fine if you express your feelings about things they want you to believe are okay. However, if you express your views or opinions about something contrary to their agenda, you’re a bad person.

What happened at Trinity College isn’t unique. This type of hypocritical censorship of American values is going on all across the nation and in virtually every aspect of our society. Furthermore, it isn’t an accident. It’s a purposeful scheme to undermine and sabotage American culture.

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