WATCH: Tucker Carlson Shows ‘Anti-Racist’ Don Lemon Has Racist Home Decor

If a visual discovery by Tucker Carlson of Don Lemon's kitchen wasn't so hypocritical, it might actually be funny. For those who haven't experienced the rhetoric of Mr. Lemon, he is CNN's self-proclaimed anti-racist black news anchor.

On multiple occasions, Lemon has glared sternly into the camera, insisting the United States is a horribly racist country. Now, even if you know that to be untrue, what Tucker pointed out last evening seriously casts doubt on Mr. Lemon's authenticity.

If Lemon's waffling opinions aren't sufficient evidence that he is a radical liberal fraud, an innocent cookie jar on Don's kitchen counter should be. There inconspicuously plopped right beside the kitchen sink was an Aunt Jemima-look-a-like cookie jar.

Yes, you guessed it. The same supposed symbolism of all-things racist. Well, a company yanked a beloved decades-old symbol of wholesomeness off its labels, but Mr. Anti-racist Don Lemon has a black-faced cookie jar on his affluent Sag Harbor home.

This same Don Lemon lives in a predominately white community. His multi-million dollar, four-bedroom, 2,750-square-foot is full of plush luxury. We pass no judgment on Lemon's ability to earn a wage that offers him affluence.

However, to hear Don Lemon speak is to hear someone who insists that all minorities, and especially people of color, are oppressed. Take a stroll through Lemon's exquisite home, and you'll certainly see the truth. Lemon wants to carry the badge of honor adorned to a civil rights leader.

However, he feels uncompelled to follow a lifestyle indicative of his beliefs. Don Lemon is a hypocrite. A black-faced cookie jar on his kitchen counter tells a bigger story than you might realize. It shows Lemon to be a hypocrite.

But he's not just your normal everyday hypocrite. He is the leading anchor, a man of color, spewing hatred on a radical news network that wants us all to believe America is a racist nation. The problem is that Lemon appears to be just as racist as or more so than those he accuses.

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