WATCH: Wild Road Rage Incident Leads to Woman Using Puppy As Weapon

A woman is now being investigated after a wild road rage incident which resulted in a woman using a small dog as a chain mace aka flail that one would have used about 500 years ago during a battle.

The insane incident was caught on video.

This happened at the beginning of the month when there was some sort of altercation between two woman in which one of the women allegedly cut off the other one in traffic.

In the first video you can see the moment that the argument begins. Both are already stopped and one of the women goes up to the other and starts yelling at the other through her window.

You can then see the woman start sticking her arms into the vehicle and trying to assault the women.

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But in a different video, you can see the woman take a dog from inside the vehicle, holding it off of the ground by its leash around its neck, and then using the dog as a weapon by swinging the dog at the woman.

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Neither of the women wanted to press assault charges when police arrived; however following outcry after the circulation of the video on social media, investigators took things into their own hands.

"There were initial reports of a dog being involved but the extent was not clear at the time. Officers checked on two dogs in one vehicle and they appeared to be in good health," Halifax Police explained in their statement on Saturday. "The severity of actions against the dog were not known at the time."

Officers said they had become aware of the video, and said they are now investigating it as animal cruelty.

People cannot seem to let little incidents go without becoming violent. That's what happens when you let liberalism corrupt the minds of the people.


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