Wendy’s Worker with Violent Past Nearly Kills Customer with a Sucker-Punch

The debate surrounding mental illness in the U.S. has grown in intensity. Red flag warnings are attracting an increasingly disturbing level of attention. Individuals who clearly had emotional issues have committed each of the most recent mass shootings.

Their words, including statements on social media, precluded violent outbursts. Dozens of people were killed. People with a tendency towards violence are either more prevalent or more prone to being exposed. Regardless, it seems our world has grown more violent.

One such example of such unhinged violence happened at an Arizona Wendy’s. Surveillance footage showed a worker coming from behind the service counter and attacking an elderly man. The attack seemed to be without provocation, at least nothing violent.

The Wendy’s employee just felt like it was okay to punch a 67-year-old customer in the face. The video showed Antoine Kendrick having a dispute with a customer. Kendrick then abruptly came from behind the counter and sucker-punched the man.

The man then fell to the floor unconscious, smacking his head hard against the tile floor. The punch rendered the man unconscious. He was airlifted to a Phoenix hospital. The 35-year-old Kendrick quickly retrieved some personal belongings and left the scene.

He was later arrested for aggravated assault. But this isn’t Kendrick’s first violent run-in with law enforcement. Kendrick was charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault in 2013. Again, in 2016, he was arrested for aggravated criminal trespass and aggravated assault.

The 2016 charges included evading arrest. Yet a third incident, in 2019, led to another aggravated assault charge plus harassment. Antoine Kendrick clearly has a problem with violence. His record for convictions or sentencing was not available.

The recent incident happened at the Wendy’s restaurant location on Glassford Hill Road in Prescott Valley. Wendy’s has yet to issue a statement. Other elements of this case remain unknown.

However, one thing that is known is that Antoine Kendrick needs a mental health evaluation before ever being allowed to work with people again. People with obvious tendencies towards violence need to be jailed or institutionalized. Kendrick is clearly one of these types of people.

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