WHAAAT?! Look Who Fusion GPS Just Confirmed Was Hired To Investigate Trump!

Fusion GPS, the folks behind the infamous Trump dossier, have confirmed this week that Justice Department official Bruce Ohr's wife was hired to help them investigate Donald Trump for the dossier.

In a declaration filed in federal court today, Glenn Simpson stated that he met "at [Ohr's] request" weeks after the election was over, saying that Ohr was seeking the meeting “to discuss our findings regarding Russia and the election.”

In this same declaration, Glenn Simpson simply referred to Bruce Ohr's wife, Nellie, as a “a former government official expert in Russian matters” saying further that she was hired “to help our company with its research and analysis of Mr. Trump.”

Talking about some freaking bias!

Ohr in fact still works at the Justice Department. He was, however, stripped of one of his positions just last week when Fox News asked about the meetings between Simpson and Christopher Steele. Ohr, though, is still the director of the Justice Department's Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.

That said, Nellie's work for Fusion GPS, which remains "confidential" according to Simpson, was actually revealed just this week. Fox New reported that she worked for them during the presidential campaign. Keep in mind Fusion GPS is an opposition firm... so... again.


House Republicans have issued a subpoena for the records to gain more insight and the hope to identify some of Fusion's clients.


Fusion's lawyers are obviously going on the offensive, stating that Simpson's testimony being used as evidence for the subpoena for their records “is part of a punitive effort by Chairman Nunes to retaliate against Fusion and to interfere with its constitutional rights.”

“The subpoena is an effort to harm Fusion and its associates. It seeks to divert attention away from, and interfere with, the investigation and to expose Fusion’s associations with other individuals and entities that have nothing to do with the Russia investigation,” the complaint reads.

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