What Does Maxine Waters Have To Do To Finally Get The Boot?

Even top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer criticized Maxine Waters for inciting people to go after conservatives in government. That is not enough. She has to be sent to prison before someone is killed. Since her comments, incidents are up an incredible amount and now an Idaho lawmaker has had her life threatened over a picture taken with young kids protesting for gun control that the lawmaker, State Rep. Priscilla Giddings, R-White Bird is totally against.

Rep Giddings posted that picture with her own comment: “Idaho State University students peacefully protesting our Republican convention. Do you think I should show these girls the empty 30mm shell I have in the truck?”

Giddings carries the empty shell around as a good luck piece because she says it saved her life, Many of those commenting said that showing the protesters an empty shell was threatening.  Has anyone ever been killed by an empty shell? I'm guessing that most of the people are from other states because I don't believe there are that many snowflakes in Idaho.

From The Idaho State Journal

Giddings is a former active duty Air Force pilot who flew the A-10 attack aircraft, which is armed with a 30mm cannon. She is currently a member of the Idaho Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve.

On Saturday at the convention, a delegate made a motion to recognize Giddings for her military service. The motion passed and Giddings then received a standing ovation from many of those attending the convention.

One delegate noted that Giddings has been receiving death threats because of her controversial social media post.

Many of the social media comments in response to the post have also been highly critical of Giddings. Just six hours after it was published, Giddings’ original Facebook post had more than 2,000 comments, many of them voicing anger at her. By Saturday afternoon, the post had more than 4,000 comments and more than 1,800 shares.

Giddings is up for reelection this year but she is unopposed.

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