What Happened to My Body, My Choice? – Alan Dershowitz Says the State Has the Right to Tell You What to Do

Former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz recently told Tucker Carlson that the government essentially has absolute authority over an individual and can force them to do anything.

Specifically, Dershowitz said that if they were to develop a safe virus for COVID-19, then they can force everyone to get it.

"The Supreme Court has said yes, and if the case came to the Supreme Court today, they would say yes, it would either be 9-0 or 8-1," Dershowitz responded. "It is not a debatable issue constitutionally. Look, they have a right to draft you and put your life in danger to help the country. The police power of the state is very considerable."

Dershowitz added that he agrees with the "moral argument" that no one should be subject to vaccine that has not been fully vetted on the chance it could help other people and noted that he wouldn't want people to submit to a vaccine unless it is proven safe.

"If the vaccine is extremely safe, then the state does have the right to tell you to take it," he said. "Vaccines work on a theory of mass inoculation. You're not taking it to help yourself.

"If there were a vaccine developed for cancer or a heart condition," Dershowitz added," obviously you and I would have a right to say no, we have the right to die."

Imagine this being played out to its logical end. That means they can do absolutely ANYTHING in order to "help the country". The problem is that there is a specific clause in the Constitution which grants the government the ability to draft people, not to do anything they want with them for the "better of the country".

Americans are done with allowing the government to interfere with their lives, that's why so many are rebelling against their governors.

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