What Monica Lewinsky Told Her 750,000 Twitter Followers To Do Is DISGUSTING

We all know Monica Lewinsky and many of us, even as conservatives could empathize with her and the terrible situation that she was put through.

It wasn't even necessarily the sexual relations that affected Lewinsky the most, it was what ensued afterwards and how difficult it made it for her to earn an honest living in the aftermath.

Now Lewinsky urged here 750,000 followers on Twitter to send their feces to the White House.

“They’ve now decided they will test EVERYONE for the Covid-19 Virus. Please send a stool sample to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500”

Her crude tweet didn't quite elicit the response that she was hoping for:

“Should we send it to the Oval Office oh wait you are the only one that gets samples there,” one user said.

“Not funny Monica. One family has lost 4 family members and your [sic] using this sick humor is not funny,” wrote another.

I should also mention that in her profile, she labels herself as an "anti-bullying activist", yet here she is bullying.

Here are a handful of other good responses as well:

“You know, I have always taken up for you, been on your side. But people who take joy in political jabs during this time of world wide crisis are despicable. I will never take up for you or have any sympathy for you ever again. I hope you realize you’ve lost at least 50% of USA”

I’ve always stood up for you, Ms ANTI BULLYING ACTIVIST - but no more. You’re just as bad.

Can you remind me again why your famous? My son is asking who Monica Lewinsky is and I think it’s best he hear it from you 😂

I mean really, how does it work with your #clickwithcompassion anti bullying campaign when You’re the bully ?

I don't think Ms Mouthful, Ms Blue dress should be talking about samples.....

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