While Over 35,000 Veterans Remain Homeless, VA Decides to Blow Money on This

Make no mistake about it, the Biden administration hates America and those who have fought to keep us safe and to make this country as free as it is.

The world hates our freedom and our success and over decades, they have been able to penetrate the minds of Americans and brainwash them into believing the same senseless propaganda that is spouted out in Russia, China, and North Korea.

Today, they're putting all of this indoctrination into action.

It's not enough to just acknowledge or even celebrate gender dysphoria, now they're going to take your money and pay for gender transition surgeries.

The Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary, Denis McDonough, spoke at a Pride Month event on Saturday. The venue was held in Florida.

McDonough told attendees that the VA has started to take steps that could include approval for the agency to pay for sex changes. He expressed his support to look into expanding VA care, so that "gender confirmation surgeryā€¯ would be included in its policy.

The costs for the costly surgeries would be funded by taxpayer money that is appropriated to all veterans. This policy change would give transgender veterans the opportunity to have all of the surgeries and related medical procedures at the expense of, and using the resources of, the VA.

Many people in the U.S. are concerned about homelessness in the nation. There is a large group of veterans whose basic needs are not being met. Currently, there are more than 37,000 homeless vets. Hopefully, VA Secretary McDonough has plans to address this crucial problem on behalf of all who have served their country for years.

Members of Congress should be absolutely disgusted with the way that they have treated our veterans.

Above taking care of veterans without homes, they deem chopping off and disfiguring genitals to be more important.

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