Whistleblower in NYC Board of Elections Exposes Why Democrats Want Open Borders

The radical left within the Democrat Party has long been toiling to change America’s demographics. Their leftist policies do not work. They know it. To maintain power and keep control of the government, they need to manipulate the voter pool.

It’s the only way they can win elections. Democrats started by lying to minorities. They offered idle promises to Black and Hispanic voters. However, they never follow through on their promises. These voters have started to understand how this scam works.

So, now that they’ve burned the bridges with a huge portion of their voter block, liberals need new blood. Of course, they’re going to lie about the devious strategy they’ve put in place to build an insurmountable advantage in every subsequent U.S. election.

Their plan is to fling open the proverbial front door into the country. Promote policies and set regulations for the U.S. southern border that allow virtually everyone in. It’s called “open borders.” It’s obvious what’s happening. Furthermore, it puts U.S. national security at risk.

The videos of floods of illegal migrants waltzing into the country do not lie. But Democrats do. They parrot the same B.S. answer when asked about the wave of illegal migrants spewing into the country. It’s not really happening. The border is secure. It’s not.

But what could possibly motivate a government to just let people walk into their country? Well, if you give them a bunch of free stuff once they get here, there’s a fair degree of likelihood they’ll vote for you if or when they can.

Nevertheless, that’s the trick that the Democrat Party needs to pull off. They need to hoodwink the nation into thinking these waves of illegal migrants being let into the country are in dire humanitarian need. But Democrats want the votes. That’s all.

That’s why, along with wide open borders, Democrats scream racism when anyone suggests common sense election laws. If a voter must produce proof that they are a U.S. citizen, it makes it challenging to cheat and vote as an illegal migrant. It should be impossible.

Apparently, it’s far from impossible in New York. One non-U.S. citizen has illegally voted for the past 13 years. NYC’s Board of Elections recently exposed the story to the New York Post. A 63-year-old green card holder has been able to manipulate the system and vote.

Abdul Rahman Kargbo marked his voter registration as a “non-citizen,” but the Board of Elections registered him, anyway. This is the same New York City that tried to pass legislation making it legal for non-U.S. citizens to vote in local elections. What do we think will come next?

You can bet it won’t be long before these crying liberals concoct a scheme to push for laws that gives every living, breathing human inside the U.S. borders the right to vote. This will destroy our democracy. Voting in America is a privilege reserved for U.S. citizens.

Anything else is a violation of our democratic foundation. If anyone thinks the NYC case was an accident, think again. This is what Democrats want. Therefore, our southern border is wide open. This is a scheme designed to undermine our elections and secure single-party rule.

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