White House Hands Taiwan Over to China on Silver Platter

If there was ever any doubt that Joe Biden is in the tank for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), recent developments have erased them all. Biden, compromised in no small part by the crooked business dealings of his corrupt son, is a stooge of the CCP.


The entire Biden family is corrupt. Now, the Biden administration is set to sell out a trusted U.S. ally. Joe Biden is handing Taiwan over to the communists on a silver platter. Biden, crooked politicians and corrupt American corporations, are selling the United States out to China.

This process has been going on for years. China despises the freedoms Americans cherish. The truth is, China and the United States have been at war for years. The battle of global superiority began with the Korean War. It has never ended.

China has been waging an economic war against the United States for over a half century. They have flooded our stores with cheap products. CCP operatives have infiltrated our universities and businesses for the sole purpose of stealing our technology and intellectual property.


China is an authoritarian dictatorship that is striving for world domination. The biggest roadblock in their way is a free United States of America. This is more than an economic battle. What has been happening goes far deeper than the control of intellectual property and technology.

This is a war to take over the United States. It is the most extraordinary type of warfare ever waged on the planet. President Trump was the first U.S. president in decades to fight back. Most have kowtowed to the CCP. Not President Trump.

He leveled devastating tariffs designed to battle dishonesty, cheating, and stealing. It was an economic warship used to blast away Chinese aggression. If Americans do not want the blood of our military soldiers spilled in a dangerous war, we must fight back ourselves.

Americans can hit China where it hurts. Stop buying products that have the label “Made in China” on them. It will be hard. American companies, especially the mainstream media, have sold out the country to make a fast buck. But we must fight back. This is a war.

Sports fans must refuse to support the leagues and teams who have “crawled into bed with the CCP.” They have found a cash cow in China, and they’re exploiting Americans. We must refuse to support these Chinese operatives.

Other businesses that ignore the egregious humanitarian violations by the CCP must also be boycotted. Again, this is a war. It will eventually turn into a bloody conflict if we do not fight back now. This war has been ongoing for decades. It may take decades of subtle sacrifice to win.

We can do it. The alternative is unacceptable. If America doesn’t want to put our cherished military personnel in harm’s way, we must take up the battle ourselves. If we do not, we may find bloodshed on the soil of our great nation.


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