Who is Rachel Powell and Why Is She Only on House Arrest After January 6 Violence?

Dozens of January 6 protesters are still being detained in pre-trial solitary confinement. Reportedly, the conditions are deplorable. A majority of these people are charged with little more than misdemeanor trespass.

However, people caught on surveillance cameras vandalizing the Capitol have either not been prosecuted, or are no longer in jail. One such person is the mysterious Rachel Powell. This is a Pennsylvania woman who has a strange story surrounding her January 6 presence.

After discovering that the FBI had a warrant for her arrest, Powell turned herself in, in February 2020. Powell was charged with depredation of government property, entering a restricted building, entering a restricted building with a dangerous weapon, violent entry, and obstruction.

But is Rachel Powell still among those stuck in prison? No, she is not. There are more mysterious twists to the Rachel Powell story. First, Powell came to the Capitol with a large ice axe. Obviously, she had premeditated vandalism on her mind.

Powell used this ice axe to smash out windows. However, when one of the windows didn’t completely bust out, there was a battering ram handy and ready. Are we seriously supposed to believe that a “battering ram” just happened to be an arm’s length away?

And furthermore, how did Powell know which door was most easily breached? Powell is also videoed supplying protesters with directions on where to go. Rachel Powell was cool and collected throughout the whole ordeal.

She acted as if she was a Capitol Hill tour guide. Should everyone just blindly believe that Rachel Powell had all the right tools handy to smash through a glass door, plus insider information on how to navigate around inside the Capitol?

Anyone who believes this is probably a prime candidate for some land deals on property south of Alligator Alley in Florida. During her helpful little tour of the Capitol, Powell told people what types of doors and entry access they would encounter as they ventured through the Capitol.

Again, how in the world did Rachel Powell know all these intricate details? We got a hunch. Ms. Powell had been there before. Ms. Powell had purposefully studied the entries and accesses throughout the Capitol to help trigger chaotic mayhem.

But that might make most people believe that Rachel Powell was just another member of the violent few on January 6. She should be sitting in jail awaiting trial or sitting in a prison cell serving out a hefty sentence.

However, she’s not. Rachel Powell is not in jail. Conveniently, she’s under house arrest, living comfortably in her Pennsylvania home. Now, some more information is critical. Rachel Powell did not support President Trump in 2016. It’s doubtful she voted for him in 2020 either.

Nonetheless, we’re supposed to blindly believe this woman felt compelled to be at the heart of a protest movement in support of President Trump? What about the idea that Powell gave an interview during the time she was “being sought by the FBI?” Did she want to get caught?

If she didn’t care about being arrested by the FBI, did she already know that her case would get preferential treatment? It sounds to us as if Rachel Powell knew her fate long before she used an ice axe to vandalize the Capitol. Talk about having friends in all the right places.

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