WOKE White Girl Freaks Out When Masked Woman Won't Exit an Elevator

Earlier this year, a video posted to Twitter showed a delivery woman being assaulted by a young woman crying uncontrollably.

The shocking incident was triggered because the hysterical young woman thought that the delivery woman was not maintaining proper social distancing or wearing her mask correctly. This was although the delivery woman was wearing a mask and standing in the far corner of the cramped elevator.

At one point, the hysterical young woman assaults the delivery woman demanding that she “get the F out”.

Sadly, this video demonstrates how college-aged “snowflakes” are willing to give up their liberty for a false sense of safety. Unlike college students in the 60s, college students today not only censor free speech but also readily conform.

As long as they are convinced it's for “the greater good” they immediately fall in line with whatever talking points put forward by the mainstream media.

If the virus and pandemic has taught us anything, it's who is a free-thinker, and who will give up their freedom for a false sense of “safety.”

I like what Steven Crowder had to say about it:

"Once you've contained your laughter, I want you to go back and listen a second time. Watch the camerawoman in the reflection of the mirror and notice she was properly masked up the whole time. A real loops-over-your-ears mask, too. It's not like she was wearing a neck gaiter she could have pulled up quickly.

Now, I suppose she could have NOT been wearing a mask the whole time. Put down what she was carrying. Took the time to put the mask on. Picked up what she was carrying. Then, took out her smartphone and started recording the meltdown. That would have been one long-ass elevator ride.

Or, the crazy lady was a wackadoodle who needs to watch less CNN and stay off of Fauci fan fiction subreddits. I'm leaning towards option B."

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