WOW! CNN Anchor Admits Democrats Embarrassed to Be Seen with Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the worst president in U.S. history. His approval ratings, especially to the degree in which Americans disapprove of his abysmal performance, are telling. However, there’s another way to tell how disliked you are as the “supposed” leader of your political party.

When your own party members don’t want you around, this speaks volumes. Even registered Democrat Party voters have had their fill of Joe Biden. Nearly two out of three registered Democrats do not want him to seek reelection.

Elected Democrats in Congress either agree with their constituents, or refuse to answer when asked their feelings. Even “soon to be fired” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dodges the question asking whether “clueless Joe” should run for a second term.

Even as liberal candidates struggle to overcome a surge in Republican appeal, they refuse to be seen with the sitting President of the United States. Joe Biden is toxic. Democrat candidates share an equal reluctance to have Kamala Harris on stage with them.

Collectively, these two are like pouring gasoline on a fire. Because of the Biden/Harris administration’s policies, Americans are as frustrated with their federal government as they have been in decades. They’re about to show them how frustrated they are.

Even the liberal-kowtowing mainstream media knows the truth. No one wants to be associated with Biden or Harris. Liberal-lover Don Lemon came right out and said as much. He was frank. Lemon said, “You know, they don’t want to be seen with the president, quite frankly.”

Democrat candidates won’t answer the question about how they view Biden’s prospects of running in 2024. They refuse to comment when asked if they support him. Worst of all, a candidate for public office doesn’t want to be seen with the so-called “face of their party.”

Maybe Democrats are afraid. Every time he opens his mouth, Biden either lies or says something ignorant. Because of his failed presidency, Democrats are scrabbling for their political lives. Joe Biden is more than just unpopular. He’s downright toxic!

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