WOW! Jordan Peterson Predicted the Current Chaos of Riots 3 Years Ago (VIDEO)

I think that if there is anyone who truly understands the minds of people, how they operate, why they operate that way and what drives them to do the things that they do, that person is Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist who first took the world by storm about three years ago when he gained some attention for some things he said at a rally at the University of Toronto.

The heart of the matter for him had to do with compelled speech and being forced to call someone something under penalty of law. That triggered social justice warriors everywhere. Now he's a household name.

For many, Jordan Peterson has been an encouragement to change their lives for the better. For others, he's just triggered their hate even more.

But something that I came across recently was that Jordan Peterson pretty much predicted the riots that are currently happening all over the country.

During a Q&A session after one of his lectures in 2017, Jordan Peterson predicted that America was on the brink of experiencing the same type of dangerous riots and anarchy that are taking place in the United States today.

It’s truly eerie how accurate his prediction of the current situation was.


When you're as intelligent of a man as Jordan Peterson, who has decades of professional experience trying to understand reality as it truly is, of course you could see something like this coming a mile away.

People who genuinely seek to comprehend truth and reality and then try to live accordingly will always seem a little prescient because the rest of society deliberately have our heads up our behinds.

Thank goodness that there are dedicated truth seekers out there willing to set aside what they would personally like to be true so that can recognize the truth as it actually is...those like Peterson.

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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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