"Wrong Place at the Wrong Time": Unlucky Thief Picks the WORST Car to Steal

We’ve all experienced or heard about the conundrum of “being at the wrong place at the wrong time”. However, for one Las Vegas man, he combined that with being in the wrong truck, owning the wrong gun, and curiously purchasing the wrong home improvement tools.

The truth is, law enforcement was at the “right place at the right time”. Two days before Christmas, Las Vegas police spotted a Toyota Tundra with an expired registration. When they attempted to pull the truck over, the driver fled.

Air patrol tracked the Tundra to a parking garage. This is where our suspect made the “wrong move at the wrong time”, or at least that’s how his public defender is trying to spin the events. Eric Holland attempted to resume his flight from law enforcement.

Holland jumped in a gold Chevrolet Avalanche. After another chase, police cornered Holland. He still refused to get out of the vehicle. Police had to use tasers to subdue Holland. He was taken into custody.

Initially, Holland was looking at stolen vehicle charges, attempts to flee, and probably resisting arrest. However, during a routine vehicle inventory inspection, a complete new series of horrific crimes was unearthed.

The officer performing the inspection noticed a foul smell coming from the truck. It smelled like dead fish. Upon searching the bed of the Avalanche, the officer discovered several coolers that had been taped shut. When he opened them, he got a big surprise.

Stuffed in trash bags inside the coolers were a severed human head and various human body parts. Individual coolers held a torso and a pair of legs, plus the one with the head. The coroner was able to positively identify the head. It belonged to Richard P. Miller.

Miller had been shot in the head, and then his body apparently was carved up into pieces. When he was arrested, police investigators found three guns in Holland’s possession. Holland also had receipts for a power saw and heavy-duty plastic garbage bags on his person.

Forensic evidence showed the bullets taken from Miller’s head matched one of Holland’s guns. This would seem like a slam dunk case. However, Holland’s public defender says differently. Public defender David Westbrook insists Holland “was at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Westbrook insists that while fleeing police, Holland simply stole the wrong car. Now, apparently, he also owned the wrong gun, plus purchased the wrong home improvement necessities as well.

Detectives even have surveillance video from a local home improvement store that shows someone matching the description of Holland making the purchases. Holland must have been in the wrong store at the wrong time as well.

It would seem like an immediate claim of insanity would have more merit than the public defender’s crazy claims of “wrong place at the wrong time”. Thankfully, the judge decided Holland landed in the “wrong court”, and should remain in the “right jail”.

Prosecutor Giancarlo Pesci showed Holland was an ex-con with a fairly extensive rap sheet. Crimes dating back into the 1980s included both felony and federal charges across multiple states. Pesci deemed Holland a flight risk, and a danger to the public.

Justice of the Peace Harmony Letizia agreed with the prosecution. Holland is being held without bond. He is also facing additional check fraud and embezzlement charges from previous warrants. He’s scheduled for his next hearing in late January.

In the meantime, his public defender is still trying to claim the old “wrong place at the wrong time” argument. Westbrook insists that Holland had no idea he was leading police to the evidence they found. Holland’s attorney asked reporters, “Why would he do that?”

Westbrook said his client intends to plead not guilty. Holland may somehow magically prove he’s not guilty of a grisly murder. However, this will give new meaning to being at “the wrong place at the wrong time”, in the “wrong truck”, with the “wrong gun”, and with the “wrong power tools”. We think Holland’s public defender is trying to use the “wrong defense”.

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