Year Long Search For Missing Teen Is Finally Over

Haily Burns, then 17, has been missing since 2016 after she was last seen walking out of her home in May of that year. And for the past year her whereabouts and safety have been entirely unknown. And now, suddenly, the mystery has been solved and has resulted in the arrest of 31-year-old Michael Wysolovski.

But it's still unknown how the victim and suspect met.

As written for 11Alive bt Ryan Kruger and Christopher Buchanan, WXIA:

She has since been reunited with her parents. 11Alive’s Ryan Kruger spoke with the people who lived next door to the suspect. They say he bought the house about 3 months before and right from the beginning they knew something seemed strange.

“We would always come up with our own little stories, like, wondering what was going on in that house, just because it was really – we were like what kind of – what were they trying to cover up that all the lights are on,” one neighbor said. “Like, it was just really weird.”

The neighbor added that thinking back they should have probably said something but she never knew just how serious the situation was.

“How were we supposed to know that [it was] something like that,” the neighbor added.

She said that she did see a young girl there one time but as soon as she saw her, the girl turned around and went back inside the house.

Neighbors speak after arrest of local man in N.C. girl's kidnapping

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